Since first interaction with Tom, he was always very professional and always prompt in answering the phone and returning my calls. 

 Once arrived at property Tom reviewed with me how the whole inspection process was going to be done which made me very comfortable and confident he was going to do a great job. Tom welcomed me to follow him around the properties outside and inside, he always had the answers to my multiple questions and he did welcome questions.  I think if I had a 1000 questions Tom would have answered them all, he’s very knowledgeable on the work he does.   At the end of each inspected area Tom reviewed and showed me all the items of concern and even provided recommendations on how to address what he had found.

 His inspection report was well laid out not only with what was found but also with recommendations. I also liked seen the maintenance advice after taking ownership of the property in the report. There are recommendations in there that I never thought about them and they can help me save $$ and headaches to me and tenants in the future.

 His knowledge, great customer service were really great along with well-priced services which makes it a great package. I will definitely will be recommending Tom for home inspection services.