After scouting multiple home inspection websites Thomas’ was organized, straight to the point, and I knew exactly what I was going to get when I called to make an appointment. He was prompt, professional, and very friendly. He went straight to work with the outside inspection which he then walked with me and fully explained every detail large and small with preventative and corrective ideas. We then went inside and he left nothing unchecked from the ceiling all the way to the floor. Going over everything in each room making sure I understood the negatives and the positives. We did this for each room on both floors, the attic including the roof, and the basement. We had one area of the house unavailable at the time which he told me to take pictures of when it became available to send to him, and he would be able to advise me. At the end of the inspection I knew every secret the house had, and I knew exactly how to handle everything we went over. The copy of the report had everything we went over neatly organized along with multiple photos to make maintenance simple and easy to remember. Thank you so much Thomas!