My Wife and I started this journey 9 months ago Called Quality Check to do my home Inspection that Fell through so we found another home called Tom to come and perform another Inspection half way through the Inspection found Structure damage had to stop Tom with Quality Check being the guy he is charged me 0$ even though he spent over an hour still charged me 0$ so month later found another Home for my Family he started the Inspection spent over an hour into the Inspection found another house with Structure Damage couldn’t believe another one and Once again Tom being the guy that he is only charged 100$ spent couple hours there so we get to the next house hopefully the last so Tom went through the Inspection couple of issues nothing to worry about Tom explains everything to you from A to Z when your making the biggest purchase of your life you want that Security knowing that Tom has your best Interest in mind he treats every Inspection as if he was buying the house who does that? Tom at Quality Check Home Inspection does that I couldn’t ask for any better than that.Tom from my wife and I and Family Thank You for Everything you have done for my Family. The Best of the Best Tom w”Quality Check” is who you want on your side.