Sellers Inspection

Seller’s Inspection


SELL YOUR HOME FASTER with a pre-listing home inspection!

You may not consider a pre-listing home inspection to be necessary before you list your home, but many sellers today are finding it a necessary and helpful step in preparing their house for sale.  In today’s market, the reality is that a seller inspection can help the home selling process go smoother and alleviate some stressors by helping to identify any issues with your home preemptively – ultimately saving you time and money!

Here are a few other ways a Seller Inspection can help….

Justify Your Price

Having a pre-listing inspection will help you feel confident of your asking price. With the results of your inspection in hand you you’ll feel confident that you’re asking for the best price based on the condition of your home.  Buyers will feel reassured of the home’s condition.

A seller inspection can help prompt buyers to make an offer on a home without a home inspection because they will feel reassured of the home’s condition, especially in a hot market in which multiple offers are likely. It also shows buyers you’re serious about selling and helps you highlight your home’s amenities and condition which which strengthen your home’s selling power.


Keep the Upper Hand

A seller inspection report puts issues that may come up into perspective.  This pro-active step will provide you the opportunity to correct any defects or come up with an action plan before the house hits the market! You can then choose to repair the items or simply drop the price of your home to more accurately reflect its condition. For buyers, knowing a repair might not have to be made for several years could reduce the need to ask for a price concession.


Remove Roadblocks

Eliminating last-minute surprises and ensuring your home is properly priced can considerably reduce the stress of negotiations with the buyers. Because you’ve had time to correct issues or better price your home, there won’t be much left for buyers to negotiate on. While buyers may still request their own inspections as a condition of the sale, in most cases, you can be confident a secondary report will strengthen the information in your seller inspection. Being fully transparent in the form of a seller inspection, will greatly reduce the likelihood of buyers walking away due to an unpleasant surprise discovered at the buyer’s home inspection.


American Society  of Home Inspectors