About Me


My name is Tom Martin and I am the owner and operator of Quality Check Home Inspection. I am a licensed home inspector in the state of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

I have been a home inspector for over 14 years and in recent years I have added more certification and training to be able to offer a wide array of services to my clients.  With 17 years of construction experience in building homes and the having performed more than 5000 home inspections in my career so far, I realized that there are concerns found during the home inspection that require more technology and frankly, training on my part, to be able to give the best and most thorough analysis for the clients I serve.


I am also a Level II Certified Building Investigations Thermographer. I trained at the Infrared Training Center at the FLIR World Headquarters in Nashua, NH for both my Level I and Level II Thermal Imaging Certifications. I use high resolution FLIR cameras for infrared images to help identify major defects that go undetected by the untrained eye.


Most recently I became certified in mold testing as moisture specialist and can perform a full inspection of areas of your home or business that has undesired moisture intrusion.


My passion for cutting edge technology and seeking the best ways to assist clients to get answers to unresolved problems led me to branch out into these additional areas of specialization. I hope that you will find that my many years of experience combined with my professionalism and the latest technology and skills will suit your residential, commercial.


I am always available to talk to you about any of these services to help you find the best solution for you.